Why monitor your vitals?
This is why.

Because the good life is worth protecting.

Hypertension is estimated to cause
7.5 million deaths globally every year.

1.3 billion adults live with hypertension and only about 20% have their condition under control. The good news is that serious illness and most fatalities due to hypertension are preventable through early detection. If everyone had an easy way to keep an eye on their blood pressure, millions of lives could be saved.

Biometric measurement made simple.

Leman Micro’s innovative Virtual Cuff™ technology has made it easy to take clinically accurate blood pressure readings from anywhere, anytime without the need to lug around a bulky, loud, inconvenient cuff-based device.

CAUTION: Investigational device.
Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

Globally, Leman Micro has 47 patents granted with an additional 39 patent filings in process.

Image of a world map showing in which countries Leman Micro has secured patents for its proprietary v6 sensor technology.
North & South America: 15 patents granted, 10 patents pending
Europe: 2 patents granted, 6 patents pending
Asia: 22 patents granted, 8 patents pending
Australia: 7 patents granted, 1 patents pending
Patent Cooperation Treaty: 1 patent pending
World map showing locations of Leman Micro patents granted and pending across the globe.
Image showing top view of Biozen device with V-Sensor™ exposed

Innovative breakthrough technology.

Our convenient, ultra-compact, Virtual Cuff™ solution uses proprietary optical and pressure sensor fusion technology to enable clinically accurate measurement and collection of biometric data including:

icon-blood pressure
Absolute Blood Pressure
In Development
Blood Oxygen
Atrial Fibrillation
CAUTION: Investigational device.
Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

One Sensor.

Multiple Applications.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Image of Biozen device—3/4 view facing right

Smart Phones

Image of the back of a smart phone


image of wearable devices
CAUTION: Investigational device.
Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

How it Works

The Leman Micro mobile app connects to any device with an embedded V–Sensor™ to facilitate accurate blood pressure readings, display historical data in an intuitive visual timeline, enable sharing of data with doctors and care takers, and access helpful info for improved cardiovascular health.

Smartphone displaying Leman Micro mobile app
Image of Biozen device at 3/4 view
CAUTION: Investigational device.
Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

Taking a blood pressure reading is so easy—this is a game changer for me. Now I can keep a better eye on things and keep my doc up to date.”


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Your Partner for Shared Success

The V-Sensor™ is ready for integration with your mobile devices.

Offering this exciting new capability to your customers is sure to increase demand for your mobile products at a time when opportunities to introduce new, truly useful features are becoming few and far between.

Leman Micro makes it easy for mobile device manufacturers of all sizes
to join our partner program through:

Icon symbolizing flexible licensing

Flexible licensing

Tiered plans offering options for every size business.

Icon symbolizing DFM support


DFM support

Technical guidance to facilitate integration with your products.

Icon symbolizing revenue sharing

Revenue sharing

That makes it possible to earn additional passive income.

Leadership Team

Leman Micro’s tight-knit leadership team combines the know-how critical to success including sharp business acumen, deep technical prowess, insightful product management, and creative brand-building expertise.

Headshot of Dikran Tourian, Founder/CEO of Leman Micro

Dikran Tourian

Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

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Headshot of Omer Inan, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Leman Micro

Omer Inan, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

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Headshot of Rob Kent, VP of Operations for Leman Micro

Rob Kent

VP of Operations

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Headshot of Goktug Ozmen, PhD, VP of R&D for Leman Micro

Goktug Ozmen, PhD

VP of R&D

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Headshot of Michael Chan, PhD, VP of Data Science for Leman Micro

Michael Chan, PhD

VP of Data Science

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Headshot of Shaun Dubuque, VP of Software Engineering for Leman Micro

Shaun Dubuque

VP of Software Engineering

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