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World-first clinical trial proves cuffless mobile device sensor and app measures blood pressure with same accuracy as cuff-based machines

e-Checkup and V-Sensor only cuff-and-calibration-free system in the world to meet ISO 81060-2 standard

January 6, 2022, Lausanne, Switzerland: Leman Micro Devices’ e-Checkup system has successfully completed a world-first clinical trial and proven it is the only completely cuffless and calibration-free sensor and app capable of measuring blood pressure with the accuracy demanded for medical use.

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Wearables, smartphones and apps – do they really measure blood pressure?

There are many devices that claim to be able to estimate blood pressure in a wearable or Smartphone. All need the user to measure the blood pressure first with a real pressure sensor and a cuff, and to remeasure it with the cuff frequently. They don’t estimate blood pressure, they estimate the change in blood pressure since the last calibration.

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LMD announces V-Sensor™ wearables, smartphones and mobile devices with integrated clinically-accurate health vital signs to launch 2021

Measures blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse rate, respiration rate and temperature measurements to medical accuracy with no other devices required

January 11, 2021, Lausanne, Switzerland: Leman Micro Devices, the developer of regulated consumer healthcare products that is backed by major players within the mobile device industry, announces that the first smartphones, wearables and mobile devices with its V-Sensor will launch onto the market in 2021. LMD’s V-Sensor is the only health sensor that measures five vital signs – blood pressure, blood oxygen (Sp02), respiration rate, pulse rate, and body temperature – to medical accuracy, completely cuff-less and calibration free, with no other devices needed. Results are delivered on-screen in less than one minute in LMD’s e-Checkup™ app.

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LMD announces partnership to create pocket-sized standalone device with V-Sensor™ that delivers clinically-accurate personal blood pressure via Bluetooth to smartphones

First-ever cuffless, calibration-free miniature device delivers results in seconds; also measures other vital signs; on market mid-2021


January 11, 2021, Lausanne, Switzerland: Leman Micro Devices announces a partnership with Shanghai Minshi, a cutting-edge technology device designer and producer, and Bluetooth technology company WuQi, also based in Shanghai, China. The collaboration between the three companies will produce the world’s first-ever key fob-size standalone device that delivers clinically-accurate vital signs measurements, including blood pressure, wirelessly to a smartphone.

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