Why the next mobile health revolution will be based on medical-grade mobile phone sensors

Digital Health Rewired
3 – 4 March, Olympia, London

Medically-accurate measurement of blood pressure, temperature and vital signs using only a smartphone at Digital Health Rewired

February  2020,Lausanne, Switzerland:  Dr. Chris Elliott, a founder of Leman Micro Devices (LMD), the developer of regulated consumer healthcare products that is backed by major players within the mobile device industry, is presenting “Why the next mobile health revolution will be based on medical-grade mobile phone sensors” at the Digital Health Rewired Conference on 4 March in London.

Dr. Elliott will present six examples of medical devices that are built on consumer Smartphones. He argues that healthcare is failing to exploit consumer technology, which is often more advanced, more effective and much less expensive than conventional medical products. He uses the six examples to highlight some of the commercial, regulatory and ethical consequences that this would follow.

One of the examples is LMD’s e-Checkup system, using its V-Sensor™.  This will be built into next-generation smartphones for the medically-accurate measurement of five vital signs – blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen level, pulse rate and respiration rate.  The V-Sensor™ is the only device in the world that can measure blood pressure, cuff-less and calibration-free, in a phone to medical accuracy, and uses the traditional Riva-Rocci technique of occluding the arteries but on the tip of the index finger. Accurate non-contact body temperature, often an early symptom of illness or infection, is measured by the thermopile built into the V-Sensor and only requires a quick forehead scan.

“We automatically assume that the massive public institutions have the best technology” said Elliott “but tank commanders were buying Garmin GPS during the first Gulf war because the military kit was less effective.” Similarly, healthcare can leverage the massive investment in consumer technology, especially the Smartphone, to put accurate measurement literally into the hands of users. Dr Elliott continued “This enables far greater engagement with and responsibility for personal health, as well as providing the medical professionals with valuable data for diagnosis and monitoring, especially given the growing popularity of telehealth consultations.”

Digital Health Rewired connects health IT leaders with the best in disruptive technology for the health sector and aims to help shape the digital future of the sector.  The two-day conference has attracted some of the best speakers and top names in the industry: the Leadership Summit on Day one includes CEOs from large NHS Trusts speaking on strategy, while day two focuses on the latest technology developments which will deliver digital transformation in the NHS.

About Leman Micro Devices

Leman Micro Devices (LMD) is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the heart of the “Health Valley” and close to EPFL University and major phone sensor companies. Founded in 2010 with funding by Business Angels, Venture Capital, and two major players in the smartphone sector, LMD developed its e-Checkup™ system for integration into smartphones.  A unique sensor combined with an easy-to-use app, it is the world’s first smartphone-integrated system to measure blood pressure and other vital signs to medical accuracy.  A game-changer in personal health care, the e-Checkup™ system is on schedule to obtain international regulatory approval. LMD is an ISO 13485 certified company.

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