World Premiere by LMD

Check your Blood Pressure...

...as easily as your email !


Maximize the Benefits

of Self Health Monitoring

Share your Health Records

As YOU wish !


Bringing the latest technologies

and medical expertise

to health conscious users.


Use your Smartphone to accurately monitor your Vital Signs !

What – Why – Who ?

  • What: A complete Personal Health Monitor integrated into your smartphone.
  • Why: A handy, “always-with-you” and easy way to monitor your health.
  • For whom: Every adult, regardless of his/her health, for improving or monitoring it. Healthy, to stay that way. Sick, to manage recovery.

Unique Features

  • Always with you, when needed, at no extra cost
  • Medically accurate
  • No manual data to enter: it’s easy to stay engaged
  • Open architecture, enabling:
    • Other apps to use the monitor
    • If you want, easy sharing of your data, with whom you chose
    • The crunching of large anonymous measurements database for studies

Third Parties Welcome

LMD is keen to collaborate with other suppliers, in the health sector or not. A set of APIs is available to 3rd parties, in the phone and in “the cloud”.

Extensive capabilities of our system:

  1. Within the phone: for measurement values or use the sensor alone as an analogue controller
  2. Measurements extracted from LMD’s Cloud (example LMD Doctor App)
  3. Exported to 3rd party EMR platforms.