Wearables, smartphones and apps – do they really measure blood pressure?

There are many devices that claim to be able to estimate blood pressure in a wearable or Smartphone. All need the user to measure the blood pressure first with a real pressure sensor and a cuff, and to remeasure it with the cuff frequently. They don’t estimate blood pressure, they estimate the change in blood pressure since the last calibration.

High blood pressure kills as many people every four months as Covid-19 has killed since it first appeared. It is the single biggest cause of early death and is usually easily treated if you know that you have it.

The first measurement is the most important – once you have that, you know if you need to consult your doctor. A device that only works after you have made the first measurement with another device is not helpful.

The only BP measurement worth having is a medically-accurate one. There is only one truly cuffless device, the LMD V-Sensor, which reproduces the method known, understood and trusted by doctors for the last 100 years with the modern twist that it measures on your fingertip and, instead of a cuff, asks you to press harder or softer.

Before buying, or investing in, a “cuff-less” blood pressure device, ask the supplier one question “How often do I have to tell it the right answer with another device?”

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